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On a cross country US tour in 1997 with some good friends, I met Nashville legend John Shepherd. His energy, voice and not least his deepfelt respect for the truck drivers made a deep impression on me.
We bought two cassette tapes from John, and we played them over and over again during our trip. We started feeling a bit like truck drivers ourselves.
On this page you can hear his truly amazing version of the classic "Truckdriver's prayer" (originally by Red Sovine) plus goodies like "auctioneer song" and "Martilla"...
John still performs with his wife Lois at Robert's Western World in Nashville, Tennessee.

Truck driver's prayer

Intro + Auctioneer song - John live and solo in Ryman Territory - check out his special abilities to make vocal rhythms while singing.

Martilla - John goes a bit Mexican here, very stylish attempt fulfilled by a pair of slightly-out-of-tune mariachi style trumpets. "Sing a prayer for your honky-tonk man"

Wolfcreek Pass - A good, straightforward country piece, describing the life on the road.

"If you like John Shepherd's music, I strongly encourage you to go and visit Robert's Western World where John plays for tips. Support him!"

Found on the Web:

"This is a honky tonk. In fact my boss loves that term, honky tonk."

John Shepherd and his wife Lois have been playing in this honky tonk for more than 33 years and although they don't make much money, they're doing what they like to do and they have each other.

"Well I have a fine woman and she treats me fine and lets me exist on the money that I make here. And it's mostly tips, but we've never gone hungry and we have a comfortable little rented apartment."

Article from Decatur Daily with photo of John Shepherd.

Visit John & Lois Shepherd on Myspace :)
















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