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Roskilde Festival 2005. On this page you will find my recommendations on which artists definitely not to miss at the Roskilde Festival 2005. I am a "world music man", so most of the acts I recommend take place at the Ballroom stage. After the festival you will find interviews with selected artists.

2005 is a fantastic world music year at Roskilde, so it has not been easy for me to choose the names to appear on the list below.

In brief, 2005 is a good year for ska-freaks, since three very interesting acts from different corners of the world are going to skank up the Ballroom scene.
Furthermore the emphasis on Mali continues this year, since both desert blues guitar legend Ali Farka Touré, kora virtuoso Toumani Diabaté and the former freedom soldiers, desert rockers Tinariwen are visiting the festival this year.

Least but not last latin superstar Juan Luis Guerra is coming, plus plena powergroup Plena Libre and salsa singer Yuri Buenaventura...

Urban latin beats are delivered by Spanish Macaco in the 'mestizo' genre and Spam Allstars, a cool latin-funk setup from USA. Even from Holland: New Cool Collective Big Band plays a very pro and slick mixture of latin, funk and pop. It reminds me of something like Brand New Heavies meets Bobby Valentin meets blaxploitation.

Watch videoclips shot by Djembe Magazine's editor, Mik Aidt

Interviews RF '05 :
Interview with Ska Cubano. >
Interview with Warsaw Village Band >
Interview with Desorden Publico as mp3 - 4.7 MB / 13:35 minutes.
Live video with Plena Libre - watch the clip of the band making party after the concert...
Recommended Artists RF '05:
Ska Cubano. Cuba / England. [Thursday:Ballroom:20.15] Interesting fusion by English and cuban musicians. Energetic live show with an imagined old school latino ska style topped by a vocal that reminds us of Beny Moré - the legendary Cuban vocalist. video website sound
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. Japan. [Sunday:Arena:01.30 (monday morning)] The japanese never cease to surprise us musically. Salsa? Klezmer? - they play it strong! This veteran ska band, has released 20 albums and played over 1000 concerts. Skank on! website
Desorden Publico. Venezuela. [saturday:Ballroom:19.15] The veterans of the Venezuelan ska scene. A clever mix of ska, rock and salsa - this is gonna be hot! website
Mahala Raï Banda. Romania. [Friday:Ballroom:12.30] A blend of former military brass players and young roma lautari from the poor ghetto of Bucharest. Cathcy melodies and funky beats, prepare for gypsy party! more info
Enzo Avitabile & Bottari. Italy. [Saturday:Ballroom:14.45] Bottari: Ancient, demonic & funky rhythms beaten on large wine barrels, vessels and sickels. The music is kind of a funky pop/rock/world mix with a solid base from the bottari percussionists. website listen
Warsaw Village Band. Poland. [Friday:Ballroom:14.45] Power-folk featuring longdistance calls, thundering drums and violins played with the fingernails. Very glorious, yet hardcore folk music by excellent young musicians. web listen
Konono no. 1. Congo. [Sunday:Ballroom:15.15] This is unique! Congolose traditional music on thumb pianos and percussion miked up by homemade microphones made from old car parts. Sounds like modern electronic noise music. website
Tinariwen. Mali. [Friday:Ballroom:19.15] They have been named 'the Rolling Stones of Sahara'. X-soldiers in the lines of Gadafi this is desert rock at it's most groovy. Robert Plant said: "this is the music I've been longing for all my life'...
Ali Farka Touré. Mali. [Friday:Arena:16.00] The guitar player that first became famous for the style that the West called 'Desert Blues'. This is his last tour, he says, so don't miss it! He performs with Toumani Diabaté...
Toumani Diabaté. Mali. [Saturday:Ballroom:12.30 + Friday:Arena:16.00] Legendary player of the kora harp, and born into a family where the father was a very famous kora player too. A virtuoso on the instrument, he just recorded with guitarist Ali Farka Touré.
Plena Libre. Puerto Rico. [Sunday:Ballroom:17.30] Caribbean party music with a burning hot two-beat rhythm and catchy melodies. website
The Spam Allstars. USA. [Friday:Ballroom:02.00 (early saturday morning)] Very funky and melodious latin beats, part samples from DJ le Spam and part live stuff with slick horns and flute. Load yourself with a couple of shots of rum and get loose on the dance floor! web mp3 anothermp3
Juan Luis Guerra. The Dominican Republic. One of the very biggest names on the latin scene, Guerra delivers a cooking cocktail of modern merengue, bachata and salsa. website
Yuri Buenaventura. Colombia. [Saturday:Ballroom:23.45] Classic modern salsa with brains. Easy-flowing energetic dance music.
video web
BNegão e Os Seletores de Frequencia. Brasil. [Saturday:Ballroom:02.00 (sunday morning)] Hardcore funky Brazilian rap. web

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

Prepare for a hardhitting SKAttack from Japanese veterans of the genre; Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. They hit the Arena scene laaate sunday night at 01.30 - and will no doubt keep us awake and dancing ;)

Plena Libre is ready to throw a great Caribbean party with their hot plena beats from Puerto Rico.

Young Polish Warsaw Village Band will rock Ballroom with their hardcore folk music, featuring age-old music and antique instruments in a very new expression.

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