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Being Rumanian gypsies, Orchestra Mihalache consists of the accordion player Andrei and his two sons George and Meltiade, playing the hammer-beaten stringed instrument Tambal and violin, respectively. The music on the new CD is based on tunes played by the Mihalache family for generations. They play with that certain drive that has made gypsy musicians renowned worldwide and made Mihalache a famous and respected name in Rumania. Today, the name Mihalache has become synonymous with good music.

Musicians as the Mihalaches are known as Lautari in Rumania. A Lautar is a professional musician, who lives by playing at weddings and other festive occassions. Therefore, the repertoire is lively and intense. From fast dancing tunes, such as sirbas and horas, to sentimental love songs.

Since this is folk music, it is not learned from a score, but ‘by ear’ from one musician to another. Traditionally, every time a Lautar plays a melodi he re-interprets it, which means that it sounds slightly different each time.

George and Meltiade have learned the tunes by playing with their father, who learned them from his father, Iancu Ciupitu, and so forth. The mother of the two brothers is from a family of Lautari too. Andrei Mihalache played, among many others, with the legendary singer Romica Puceanu, and is to day a highly respected figure as one of the remaining lautari of the 'old times'.
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Published 20th June 2003


2008 sees a new release by Andrei Mihalache, released by the old national Romainan record company, Electrecord.

Andrei Mihalache:
'Melodii Lautaresti'
Electrecord EDC773

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Orchestra Mihalache debut release: 'Tiganii Lautari'

12 traditional Rumanian gypsy tunes arranged by Orchestra Mihalache.

Listen to 'Hora lui Badea' from 'Tiganii Lautari'.

Listen to 'Geamparalele de la Fierbinti' from Orchestra Mihalache's first demo release.

Listen to live-session at party with George Mihalache and friends

Listen to interview from P2 Bolero, 16th August 2003

Watch Taraful Andrei Mihalache & Mexicanu at youtube

Visit Orchestra Mihalache @ Myspace


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