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Recordings from the Midnight Concert 2008 (much more to come...):

Gvozden Rosic comes from the village of Rti, about five kilometers from the town of Guca. He works as a farmer and leads a brass orchestra that managed to win the Golden Trumpet in 2001. Although they are not the tightest nor most virtous ensemble, they surely did play some exciting kolos at the festival in 2008.

Gvozden Rosic - Popsa Kolo

Gvozden Rosic - Kolo

Dejan Lazarevic is one of the younger trumpet heavyweights, and despite his age he cannot be considered a novice any longer. He has won numerous prizes during the last six years, and his winning of both the Golden Trumpet and the First Trumpet in 2008 confirms his status as one of the toughest names in Serbian Brass Bizz.

Dejan Lazarevic - Kolo

Elvis Ajdinovic is one of the household names in Serbian roma brass music. His trademark testosteronic vibrato style is easily recognizable, and the coceks have a hardpumpin' vibe to them. On the tracks below the group is joined by saxophone mercenary Momcilo Krstic that fires off solos on Boril Oro and Cocek III. The trumpet solos are, of course, by majstor Elvis himself.

Elvis Ajdinovic - Cocek I

Elvis Ajdinovic - Boril Oro (watch on )

Elvis Ajdinovic - Cocek III (watch on )

Recordings from the competition 2008:

Ekrem Mamutovic

Zemi Me, Zemi

Ekremov Cocek (watch on )

Dragan Ignjic

Kovacevo Kolo

Dejan Petrovic


Dejan Lazarevic


Slobodan Salijevic

Sebastijanov Cocek (the song is also known as 'Evo je mlada!', a Marko Markovic composition from the CD 'Go Marko Go')

Recordings from the tents 2008:

Dejan Lazarevic

A string of Kolos (a 17-minute power kolo medley with a somewhat surprising finish of the set!)

Recordings from the Guca Culture House stage:

Dejan Petrovic with singer Rade Jorovic

Srce Moje - Zlatibore pitaj Taru - *

The winners in 2008 were:


Golden Trumpet (Zlatna Truba, audience votes) DEJAN LAZAREVIC

First Orchestra: BOJAN RISTIC


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Trumpeter, presumably from Ekrem Mamutovic's Orchestra

Gvozden Rosic

Majstor Nenad Mladenovic

Majstor Elvis Ajdinovic

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