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Fanfare Ciocarlia - Romania

06.12.2006: Good News From Asphalt Tango:

"Following the release of “Gili Garabdi” in spring 2005, which promptly landed at number 1 in the WMCE, FANFARE CIOCARLIA decided to invite the great Roma voices to join them in the studio and work together on Fanfare’s 5th album. They met SABAN BAJRAMOVIC from Serbia, ESMA REDZEPOVA from Macedonia, JONY ILIEV from Bulgaria, LJILJANA BUTLER from Bosnia, DAN ARMEANCA from Romania, MITSOU from Hungary and KALOOME, Gitanos from Perpignan. At first sight all these artists appear to be worlds apart and the differences could hardly be bigger. And yet there are bonds which build bridges and reconcile cultural differences: They are Gypsies; they speak the same language and have created a life for themselves in music."

This CD is dedicated to Ioan Ivancea, former band
leader of Fanfare Ciocarlia, who just died aged 66 last
October after severe illness back home in Zece Prajini.

Fanfare Ciocarlia’s next CD “KINGS & QUEENS“ will be released on 23rd February 2007."

Sad news from Asphalt Tango:

" 10/2006 --- Ioan Ivancea has died

Ioan Ivancea, senior chief of Fanfare Ciocarlia, has died aged 66 in the early hours of Friday, 20th October 2006 after severe illness in his home surrounded by family and friends. We'll all deeply miss Ioan and his ways of bringing back the moving memories of his life, his distinctive playing of the clarinet as well as his melancholic singing full of character. We feel very grateful for all those years we've shared with our friend and will do everything to keep his memory alive. Ioan Ivancea's family has our deepest sympathy."

News from Asphalt tango:
"Three months ago HOLLYWOOD knocked on our door and asked
for an unmistakable Gypsy version of the Steppenwolf hit “Born To Be Wild” to get the pictures of the film “One America” moving…
So FANFARE CIOCARLIA rushed into a studio and pepped up this ageless bikers' hymne from the 70's in their very own style. Get your motors runnin': Comedian Sascha Baron Cohen aka
‘Ali G' aka ‘Borat' aka ‘Bruno' is starring in the movie “One America” which will hit the cinemas on November 3rd this year."

Fanfare Ciocarlia plays it's first concert in Romania! After to years of success worldwide, a Romanian promoter finally invited the speed brass devils to play a concert in their home country.
On 10th of June 2006 Fanfare Ciocarlia will give a concert on the

Fanfare Ciocarlia wins the BBC World Music Award in the category 'Europe'. Roma brass rocks!!! read story

Article about Fanfare Ciocarlia from Djembe Magazine (in Danish).

Fanfare's 4th CD, 'Gili Garabdi' is out now.... listen to sound clips / buy the record here.

News: A DVD with Fanfare Ciocarlia has been released in October 2004 by German Asphalt Tango Records. It includes an hour of concert, the acclaimed motion picture 'Brass on Fire' and more... Read more here.

Fanfare Ciocarlia Tourplan 2006:

12.07.06 (UA) Sheshory/Sheshory Festival
15.07.06 (GR) Vlasti/Earth Festival
27.07.06 (E) Huesca/Pirineos Sur
28.07.06 (P) Porto/tba
30.07.06 (A) Feldkirch/Poolbar Festival
04.08.06 (B) Floreffe/Esperanzah Festival
05.08.06 (D) Isny/Theaterfestival
06.08.06 (A) Freistadt/Local Bühne
18.08.06 (P) Albufeira/tba
19.08.06 (P) Vila Real/tba
20.08.06 (P) Azores S. Maria/tba
08.09.06 (E) Orejo/Festival Intercéltico
09.09.06 (E) Salamanca/Festival Etnohelmántica

Fanfare Ciocarlia Tourplan 2005:

23.02.05 D Karlsruhe - Tollhaus
24.02.05 CH Zürich - Moods
25.02.05 D Frankfurt/M - Brotfabrik
26.02.05 D Bielefeld - Ringlokschuppen
27.02.05 NL Amsterdam - BimHuis
01.03.05 D Hamburg - Fabrik
02.03.05 D Berlin - Kesselhaus
03.03.05 D Leipzig - Moritzbastei
04.03.05 D Waiblingen - Kulturhaus Schwanen
05.03.05 D Bischofswerda - Eastclub
06.03.05 CZ Praha - Akropolis
08.03.05 A Wien - Szene
09.03.05 A Linz - Posthof
10.03.05 A Dornbirn - Spielboden
11.03.05 A Graz - Orpheum
13.03.05 PL Warsaw - Klub Panska
15.03.05 S Gothenburg - tba
16.03.05 S Helsingborg - Dunkers Kulturhus
17.03.05 DK Copenhagen - Etnorama
18.03.05 N Oslo - Cosmopolite
19.03.05 S Stockholm - Södra Theatern
20.03.05 S Gävle - Konserthuset
07.04.05 BR Salvador - Castro Alves Theater
09.04.05 BR Sao Paolo - Ibiraquera Theater
11.05.05 E Madrid - Sala Aqualung
12.05.05 E Barcelona - Sala Apolo
13.05.05 F Brest - Le Quartz
14.05.05 F Brest - Le Quartz
15.05.05 F Toulouse - tba
17.03.05 F Paris - Cabaret Sauvage
18.03.05 F Nancy - Scene N. Vandoeuvre
19.05.05 D Essen - Philharmonie
20.05.05 F Conflans - CC Signoret
21.05.05 F Massy - CC Baillart
24.05.05 F Saint Chamond - Centre Culturel
26.05.05 B Opwijk - GC Hof Ten Hemelrijk
27.05.05 D Stralsund - tba
29.05.05 F Strassbourg - CC le Maillon
31.05.05 F Abbeville - Centre Culturel
01.06.05 F Angouleme - Musiques Metisse
02.06.05 F Angouleme - Musiques Metisse
03.06.05 F Bordeaux - tba
04.06.05 F Angouleme - Musiques Metisse

20.08. D Bremen - Viertelfest
21.08. D Rockenhausen - tba
02.09 . Korea Seoul – World Peace Festival
03.09. Korea Seoul – World Peace Festival
04.09. D Lamspringe - Alter Schafstall
18.09 D Lamspringe
20.09 D Düsseldorf - Altstadtherbst
22.09 P Braganca
23.09 P Torres Novas
24.09 P Famalicao
29.09 P Coimbra
01.10 P Porto
02.10. P Lisboa
06.10. J Toyama - Helios
08.10. J Saitama – Sainokuni Arts Centre
09.10. J Saitama – Sainokuni Arts Centre
10.10. J Shizuoka – Yaizushi Bunka Centre
11.10. J Osaka – Shinsabashi C. Quattro
12.10. J Nagoya – Club Quattro
13.10. J Hiroshima or Nagoy - tba
15.10. J Tokyo – tba

For details on venues, visit Asphalt Tango.

Last update november 10th, 2006



Fanfare Ciocarlia DVD
The front cover of the DVD release with Fanfare Ciocarlia.

Fanfare Ciocarlia @ Etnorama. Foto: Peter Fuglsang
Foto: Peter Fuglsang


'Hora Andalusia'


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Fanfare Ciocarlia:


'Gili Garabdi - Ancient Secrets of Gypsy Brass'
CD-ATR 0605
review in Danish

FANFARE CIOCARLIA: 'Iag Bari' (2001)
CD PIR1577

FANFARE CIOCARLIA: 'Baro Biao' (1999) CD-PIR1364


FANFARE CIOCARLIA: 'Radio Pascani' (1998)

Dist. alle titler: Bonnier Amigo



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